British Bike Spares

BSA B31Since we have been in business for so long we have a stock of BSA and Triumph spares. Some of our stock is ex-Indian Army from the time they were using BSAs. Much of it is still in the original boxes!

Plus we own BSA B31s, as you can see.

Since there where so many British bikes in India at one time we are also able to source many original parts.

If you are looking for anything in particular email us.


We have a stock of original Indian Army spares that were sold off when they changed over to Bullets.

Knee Pads
We have many NOS, original, still boxed Triumph spares.
Gear box spares

Triumph 350cc Piston
  Triumph Gears
Gear box spares

Gear box spares
We stock points for most British bikes. Most of these are new units made in Germany.
BSA Bantam

Original NOS Amal parts.
Ring and jet holder for
Amal carburetor 6/4, 5/4

Parts for Amal
carburetor 6/4, 5/4
New 'old' parts    
Many original British spares are still manufactured in India today.
Contact us for your specific needs.

Lucas Ignition Coils
6 and 12v available

Lucas glass light clip style for most Brit bikes

Please Note: Minimum mail order amount Rs4000/$150/€100.